Friday, April 2, 2010

DJ Baby G - Tha Cut Selecta

1st Installment

So, for years I have been meaning to update some of my cassettes for future use, by digitizing them. It only seemed fitting to start with my Baby-G collection. These tapes have been loved a little too much and played almost to the point of demagnetization. In some spots on the tapes the sound might be muddy or disappear slightly. All I can say is that they are still very enjoyable.

My first introduction to Jorge "Baby G" Garza was on Dallas' own 100.3 JAMZ in 1994. His mixes would always have me jonesin' for more. The 30 or so minutes allotted to him just didn't seem like enough. I was quick to find out that he worked @ Bill's Records and Tapes, off of Coit and Spring Valley. My little brother and I made the trek over there to see if he might be selling any tapes. Once inside, I walked up the three steps on the right to where all the records were. There were usually a pack of diggers there copping stuff and generally hangin' out. Sure enough...I was blessed with my first of many mix tapes and had the pleasure of buying it from the man himself. I will always remember those times. G conveyed a good spirit, always had a good word to say and was willing to spread the knowledge of the beloved Hip Hop culture. Playing these tapes made me realize why I will always have a deep love for Hip Hop. Enjoy!

So with out further adieu...We glady present to you, on the wheels of steel, (scratched)"DJ BABY G!" That's my man's throwin' down...

Bomb Ass Tape 1

Side A

Side B

Dude is still at it and can be found at one of the following:

Stay tuned for Bomb A$$ Tape 2 and the Raw Deal collection.

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  1. These were the first two mix tapes I picked up when I moved here to Texas. Classic material. G was and is still on his game! Great post. Possible to get a link for download for these two mixes?